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More than 100,000 PERA retirees live in Colorado, producing $6.6 billion in economic output in 2019 and supporting more than 32,000 jobs, according to a new report from Boulder-based Pacey Economics, Inc.

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PERA Board approves 2019 financial report

The Colorado PERA Board of Trustees approved a motion to release the 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), which includes information about PERA’s investment performance for the 2019 calendar year and the funded status of the plan.
The year ending December 31, 2019, was a positive year for PERA. The total fund’s investment portfolio returned 20.3%, net of fees. At the end of the year, the fund had a fiduciary net position of $51.7 billion, compared to $44.9 billion the year before.
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Colorado Retirement Action Center surveys 6,660 PERA members on priorities

Results from a retiree and active member survey clearly show that PERA, PERA members and retirees all share a sense of common values when it comes to our retirement system

CEM benchmarking

Every year CEM Benchmarking conducts an in-depth analysis of global public pension systems. Colorado PERA scored a 91 out of 100 and improved or maintained its overall score for the sixth consecutive year.

"PERA's total service score was 90"

"This is above the peer median of 83, and it was the 5th highest in CEM's global universe."


November 18, 2019

The National Institute on Retirement Security releases its findings regarding how State and local employees view their jobs, pay and benefits.

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